A Bespoke Burger for a Summer BBQ

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Extended for the sun this week!

To celebrate the nice weather at Food To Your Home, we've got a brand new burger, sweet and smoky dry cured streaky bacon, new lamb and duck products and corn on the cob. Use the code BST for 15% off all week!


We're not mincing words

Across the Atlantic, summer is celebrated with beer, beaches, bathing suits, and BBQs. Our 48-hr bikini delivery efforts flamed out, so we've decided to stick with what we know: BBQs and fresh food delivered to homes.

High steaks game

We've been working with Billy from Owton's Traditional Family Butchers since we started offering meat at Food to Your Home.  The Owton's claim to flame is that their family has farmed in Hampshire for centuries.  Their British beef makes a great match for the weekend BBQ.  

You're gonna flip over this burger

Ever had a cheeseburger delivery food order?  A cheeseburger ordered online and delivered to your home is not a great experience.

Billy's Bespoke Burger from Food to Your home is an experience: an 80% lean custom blend of chuck eye and short rib. Chuck eye is the choicest cut from the chuck primal. It’s sometimes called a poor-man’s ribeye, as it’s cut from the longissimus dorsi, the same muscle that runs through the actual ribeye.

Short ribs are cut from the brisket, chuck, or plate and are loaded with collagen and intramuscular fat, which is why short ribs are perfect for braising or slow cooking. Those same properties make ground short ribs a flavorful addition to a burger. 

The bespoke burger from Owton's has the perfect balance of meat, fat and collagen. It’s the chewy collagen melting to viscous gelatin that makes this burger a rich, luscious experience. Because of the premium cuts, the bespoke burger is ground coarser, giving every bite a tender, meaty, mouthfeel.

This brand new bespoke burger is available now at Food to Your Home!

You're bacon me crazy

The only way to make a cheeseburger better is to add bacon. Now you buy Owton's award-winning dry cured bacon at Food To Your Home. Available to order to your home now in both streaky and back varieties, this slow cured bacon has a deeper, more robust profile than the classic Owton's bacon you know and love.

All up in my grill

Not too fired up about meat? Mushrooms, courgettes, asparagus, halloumi, and corn on the cob all make for a tasty grilled treat. Pro tip on grilling husk-on corn from our resident American: brine it in salt water for a few hours before you grill it!

A BBQ pun is a rare medium well done

Looking for something different to stoke your culinary creativity? Try our new grass-fed beef tenderloin, a French trimmed rack of lamb, or even a Barbary duck breast and some flare to your BBQ game. 

Discussions about British weather rarely get heated

We know the Great British weather doesn't always play ball when it comes to having a BBQ. If cooking al fresco under an umbrella isn't your thing, then you can always cook this amazing meat inside your home instead.

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