Exclusive: Michelin starred bread from one of London's top restaurants

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We are really excited to let you know that Food To Your Home is partnering with St. John, one of London’s most established Michelin star restaurants and a food critics favourite, to make their freshly baked sourdough bread exclusively available for you to order online.

Exceptional Bread

Sourdough is one of the oldest expressions of leavened bread, dating back more than 5000 years.  Wild yeast, microscopic single-celled organisms live in the air all around us.  Wild yeast also clings to wheat berries, so these yeast cells may be present in the common flour you can buy almost anywhere.

What’s special about sourdough is the gradual process of nurturing this wild, unpredictable yeast and healthy lactobacilli, fed on only the natural sugars activated by mixing the yeast with water. Any sourdough starter takes weeks to mature.

What makes St. John sourdough special is the unique mix of plain and high protein strong flour that cultivates wild yeast slowly, which gives the crumb of the bread an uneven aeration.  Further, dusting the loafs prior to baking gives the crust its thick outer layer, somehow crunchy yet chewy at the same time. 

Exceptionally Fresh

From start to finish, these loaves take days to prepare and proof. The yeast that leavens the loafs we are selling is being nurtured as we type.  Because of the time it takes to lovingly prepare and bake each special loaf, we’re taking orders on Friday to guarantee delivery to you at home on the following Monday.

Once your loaf is reserved, it will be mixed and proofed on Saturday, hand formed by chefs and proofed again on Sunday, then baked in the St. John bakery late on Sunday night.  Your loaf will then be left to rest for 5 hours to cool and set to prevent recrystallisation.  Your loaf will then be delivered to your door with the rest of your order on Monday.

You cannot buy a fresher loaf of sourdough bread online anywhere else.

Exceptional Restaurant

If you haven’t listened to Anthony Bourdain wax poetic about St. John, you should as it’s a fascinating story.  Chef Fergus Henderson and his wife Margot opened St. John in 1994.  Farringdon was a decidedly uncool place at the time: Fabric the world famous night club only opened nearby 5 years later!

The menu constantly changed, the bread was baked in house, and the food was unapologetically British.  Having offal, game, and classics like welsh rarebit on a menu is now commonplace and celebrated.  We have Fergus and Margot to thank for that.

Their legacy on British cuisine goes beyond the concepts of nose-to-tail eating, the popularity of off-cuts, or the resurrection of classic comfort foods.  Alumni of St. John have gone on to found restaurants like Lyles, Bread Ahead, Black Axe Mangal, the Modern Pantry, and the Marksman Public House.  

We’re thrilled to work with the team at St. John to bring this amazing bread to your home.  

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