Fresh Beef Ribeye Steak (2 x 225g)


2 x 227g


Luxurious is probably the best word for these cuts.  Fresh, British beef, hand trimmed and ready to sear simply, however you like your steak cooked.

All our meat is High Welfare and comes from a family run butcher in England, who has been farming for over 750 years.

Our meat comes straight from the butchers to our refrigerated delivery vans, and so is suitable for home freezing.

Delivered in a sealed package

All meat & products are stored chilled and transported in refrigerated vans.

Our Chef says:

"Ribeye steak is a cut from the muscle that runs either side of the spine in the cow, and when cooked is insanely tender as it is marbled with yummy fat which renders as it is cooked. To cook the perfect rib-eye steak, salt it on both sides the morning of, cover with cling film and put in the fridge for the day, before taking it out half an hour to an hour before you want to start cooking it that evening."


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