Fresh Lamb Rack, French trimmed


1 x 7-8 bone rack (approx. 550g)


This rack of lamb rib chops is outdoor raised in the south east of England.  

Our Chef says:

"Don't even bother with supermarket lamb.  Who know where it comes from, they slice it too thin, and trim off too much fat. This whole rack of rib chops is the way to go.  Double cut the chops and grill it Mediterranean style with oregano and peppers and onions, or sear it and pan roast simply with classic British roast trimmings. No matter how you slice it, this lamb will look excellent on the table, not to mention taste great."

Product of UK


Specific References

Our Chef’s Recommendations:

Lemons - Each



Marjoram - 50g



Onion Red - 1Kg