Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon


1 x 1kg


This is the bacon you've been searching for.  Dry cured, smoked, and sliced each crispy rasher is the perfect topping to burgers, salads, pasta, sandwiches, eggs, and especially grabbing a few slices off the paper towel before everyone sits down....

Delivered in a sealed package

All our meat is High Welfare and comes from a family run butcher in England.

Our meat comes straight from the butchers to our refrigerated delivery vans, and so is suitable for home freezing.

Our Chef says:

"There are just so many incredible burger restaurants around London who make fabulous burgers with endless different toppings, but this dish is so easy to make at home, and so easy to get creative with. Have a look at what different veg you can pickle, grill or fry to add into the bun with the meat patty. Top tip: always important to rest the patties, at least 5 minute after cooking - this allows the proteins in the meat to relax resulting in a more juicy burger!"


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