Fresh Beef Steak Mince, 85% Lean - 500g


85% lean ground chuck and brisket.  

100% British or Irish beef.

Delivered in a sealed package

All our meat is High Welfare and comes from a family run butcher in England.

Our meat comes straight from the butchers to our refrigerated delivery vans, and so is suitable for home freezing.

Our Chef says:

"Quality Chop House in East London does one of the best versions of beef mince I've ever tasted, its insanely rich and served it on a thick slice of toasted bread, with a simple citrusy-dressed green salad, but this is such an easy thing to re-create at home. Also delicious in spag-bol form, the trick is to slowly cook over a long period of time and also to remember it is always even better the next day so keep some for leftovers!"


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