Fresh Sirloin Steak (4 x 170-190g)


4 x 170-190g


Grass-fed Irish sirloin steaks

Delivered in a sealed package

All our meat is High Welfare and comes from a family run butcher in England.

Our meat comes straight from the butchers to our refrigerated delivery vans, and so is suitable for home freezing.

Our Chef says:

"Sirloin steak is from the lower back of the cow and one of the best cuts of meat for quick frying. Best when salted the morning before cooking, and taken out of the fridge at least half an hour before cooking. Also imperative to rest if for 5-10 minutes once cooked! Instead of the classic peppercorn or Bearnaise sauce, why not try a simple chimichurri to go with it - finely chopped parsley, coriander or oregano, raw garlic, chilli, a sloosh of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Also serve with home made chips or wedges  from Maris Piper potatoes!"


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