Fresh Sea Bream Fillets


2 x 150-160g 


Fresh, never frozen, gilthead sea bream raised in the southern Mediterranean

Skin-on, scaled & boneless, each portion is hand filleted by UK fishmongers

Prized for its hearty, sweet, flavour and soft, meaty texture, gilthead sea bream is excellent grilled, roast, or panfried.

All fish from Food to Your Home is fresh and temperature controlled from the sea to the your door.  

Suitable for freezing.

Our Chef Says:

"This delicate white fish is great for grilling, baking, frying or even poaching. Goes really well with Mediterranean flavours, roast cherry tomatoes on the vine, peppers and red onions, but also goes really well with Indian spices too, turmeric, ginger, cumin, garlic and a pinch of chilli powder."


Specific References

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