Sliced Scottish Smoked Salmon - 400g


This sustainably raised salmon from the cold waters of Northern Scotland is extraordinarily buttery thanks to a long dry cure and slow, cold-smoking over oak.

Hand sliced and interleaved by skilled UK fishmongers, pair with fresh dill, citrus or simply serve with cream cheese on toast

All seafood from Food to Your Home is vacuum-sealed and temperature controlled from the sea to the your door

Our Chef says:

"Smoked salmon is synonymous with luxury.  It works well with caviar, you know?  Slow smoked Scottish the good stuff, no matter what the Norwegians say!  Its richer, velvetier, and smokier, yet slightly sweet. It's like the bacon of seafood.  

Serve it on a bagel with soft cheese and scallions.  Eat it on toast with smashed avocado zahtar, duqqa, and a lovely bitter microcress. Use it to top salads, like spinach and beetroot, or fennel, cucumber, and asparagus tips.   It's even great hot baked into a quiche, kedgeree, mixed or mixed into an alfredo."

Fresh product. Suitable for freezing


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